I have joined the 21rst century!!

I have been hearing about bloggers and blogging since I can’t remember when.  bogger… didn’t know how to spell it and now I are one!

The question is, will I actually put thoughts out there?  Seems like a risk.  Then again, it could turn out to be totally private anyway.  Oh well!  I’m game.

I just got this Netbook a couple of weeks ago and have been trying things out with it.  It has been mostly fun, with some frustration thrown in just to keep it real.  I went from borrowed phone, borrowed computer,borrowed internet connection to total immersion in communications options in a very short time.  It started in January when I decided living without a cell phone wasn’t total fun anymore.  I got one for $10 + tax.  Was satisfied with that for about a month.  Then, I just HAD to have a phone with more bells and whistles.  Got one for $30 and the bonus to it was getting double minutes for as long as I use that phone.  Awesome!  It also has a camera and connects to the internet.  I can send text messages and emails.  If I ever find the patience, I can check email with it too.  We should all live so long.  I can post pictures on Facebook too!  I’m cooking with gas now.  Then, a couple of weeks ago I drove on down to the local Target and got this handy dandy Netbook.  Life is good.  Now i have ready access to email, Facebook and windows live and God only knows what all.  So many redundant functions it boggles the mind.  and so, here I sit, dazed and confused…………blogging!  Who woulda thunk it?  Not me!  Don’t know if it was resistance or just total lack of knowledge and/or nerve.  Some of each I guess.


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