Waiting for…………an idea


With a head filled with one-sided conversations that, in all likelihood, will never take place in the real world, I find myself waiting for an idea of what to write about here.  I generally don’t talk about sex,, politics or religion.  It’s not that I won’t, ever and it is not even that I don’t have opinions in those areas.  The main reason I generally don’t talk about those topics is I consider my opinions, My opinions and your opinions Your opinions and my life isn’t about changing Your opinions. 

Changing My opinions is a personal process that tends to result from experience, observation and, once in awhile, research.  As I tend to gravitate to and rely upon research that supports what I already think, feel or believe and discount anything that opposes those thoughts feelings and beliefs, research has become unreliable to me.  My personal experience and the experience of others I have been available to observe first hand, while considered anecdotal and unreliable by empiricist thinkers, has been the basis for a great deal of personal change to me.  Quite frankly, I consider most  of it change for the better.  I am, just a little, prejudiced.

A funny thing I have learned about beliefs:  sometimes I can’t truly verbalize mine unless, or, until I hear or see something that totally contradicts them.  The results of one of those experiences can be anything from a very quiet,Aha to a very noisy verbal, sometimes even physical eruption.  I was going to say explosion.  That seemed too melodramatic.  I use curse words with frequency and vehemence.  I do it on purpose, because I like to.  I usually think it’s pretty funny.  Sometimes the swearing slips out from pure frustration, lack of thought and the regular habit of it.  More often than not it is a conscious choice to express and be rid of angry or fearful feelings.  It saves my sanity and goes a long way towards reducing toxins that result from lack of expression.

I have kept a journal on and off over the years and I’m pretty sure that was blogging in private.  Here, I’m a lot more careful about spelling and punctuation than I ever was in any journal.  I am making an effort to follow most of what I have been taught about writing, way back when.  Everything I can remember!  Since I can’t name any of the specific rules anymore, I depend mostly on things being logical and coherent….to me.  Today..Now…  Can’t say what things will look or sound like tomorrow.  This will have to be good enough!


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