Health and Wellness If I Ruled the World!!!!


I believe it necessary to start by saying, this is personal fantasy and I have no delusions of grandeur. especially since I couldn’t spell grandeur without an assist from spell check.  As with all things outside my physical being, I am powerless over peoples willingness to even attempt any of the following suggestions.  I should also add that my formal education is limited to a BS in Public Administration and I always laugh when I think of it or say it out loud.  I am something of an autodidact and pursue interests that vary, sometimes minute by minute, and I do a really lousy job of keeping track of documentation.  Somewhere in the back of my mind is a bibliography of massive proportions.  If they ever come up with a defragmentation program for the human brain, I may invest in it.  In the mean time, all I can say is, I truly don’t just make this stuff up out of whole cloth.  Somewhere along the path of life I have read something and it stuck with me.  I’m pretty good at trivia games, on a number of topics.  It seems to be genetic.  The shallowness or depth of information and the accuracy of recall is usually related to emotional involvement with the topic of the moment.  Having said all of that, just one more digression and then we’ll stay on the topic of this moment.  It occurred to me, I haven’t told you what I am going to tell you.  Is that only done with term papers and military presentations?  Oh well!  I’m not doing either one here and I really don’t know what I plan to say anyway.  My goal is to write out thoughts as clearly as possible and hope for the best.  Maybe some clarity?!  Maybe the ability to either let sleeping dogs lie , or, define a plan of action to cause those lying dogs to correct their propaganda and start telling the truth for a change.  Anyway, here goes nothing. 

Pharmaceuticals would be the absolute LAST method of treatment.  If and ONLY IF nothing else worked.  Reliance on prescriptions seems to become more prevalent with each passing day.  And the most bizarre aspect of this reliance is most of the drugs prescribed have worse side effects than the original condition!!!  WTF?!?  There are so many varied and assorted OTC and prescription drugs designed for people to continue to engage in habits that made them ill in the first place in boggles the mind.  If I keep getting heartburn, acid indigestion or acid reflux, perhaps it would be best if I stopped eating greasy food, started eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Possibly I should even consider leaving caffeine out of my daily diet.  And that’s just off the top of my head.  I have stopped offering suggestions to people when they complain about different conditions because it has become evident to me they are either un able or unwilling to make some VERY simple changes to increase their comfort and physical well being.  When I am in a cynical state of mind, I conclude that they prefer their current state.  Either it gains them sympathy or, it gives them something to talk about.  There are folks out there who engage in I’m sicker than you contests and I have found them to be the most resistant to anything other than pharmaceuticals.  Go figure!

In the arena of diet it is difficult to decide where to begin.  Nutrition labels?  As if they really give usable information to the average consumer.  Who out there honestly believes a candy bar, any candy bar, is a source of nutrition?  As for other foods, how many of us have the necessary mathematical skills to determine under which given set of dietary circumstances we are going to receive the nutritional benefits of say a bowl of cereal?  The panels rarely, if ever, describe the actual conditions pertaining to how I will eat said bowl of cereal.  First of all, I don’t have any recall of measuring and weighing the amount of cereal in the bowl.  I just pour some in and add yoghurt.  Unless I can get unhomogenized whole fat milk.  Low fat, nonfat, no fat …. flavorless and indigestible.  Even in desperate situations I choose to do without.  Okay, not everyone would make the same or similar choices.  Still, the question remains, how many know that This bowl of cereal consumed with 4 oz skim milk is going to be part of a total of say 1500 calories ingested today?  I ask because the vitamin and mineral breakdowns listed appear to be conditional.  As a percentage of ….. something.  So, for the sake of argument, let’s say I eat exactly x oz. of the product with x oz. of skim milk and nothing else until tomorrow, won’t I be taking in 100% of ________________ for that day?  Or, what if the vitamins and minerals listed are added to the product, rather than naturally occurring?  And the body either doesn’t or can’t use them because some element that makes them useful isn’t present.  So all these wonderful vitamins and minerals get flushed out as waste or shunted off to the liver or appendix or gallbladder or wherever.  Then what?  I can’t be the only person asking these questions!

Sticking to the topic of diet.  When oh when are people going to wake up to the fact that they would be galaxies better off eating any food at all, as long as it didn’t contain the descriptors low fat and/or sugar free?  Or fat free?  Find adjective free food and eat that.  Your health and weight control issues are much more likely to just melt away.  Provided you read the ingredients.  High fructose corn syrup will add to your problems.  Anything that you can’t readily identify or that sounds like a science experiment will add to your problems.  Keep it simple.   Having said that, it occurs to me how difficult that has become where food is concerned.  Designing and consuming an honest to God healthy diet requires education, research, planning…. a lot of sifting through controversial “information”.  I would venture to say even a degree in nutrition has become a handicap.  Who researches the benefits and liabilities of of anything anymore, just for the pure benefit of knowledge?  Who has the resources?  I have come to believe it is a matter of individual trial and error.  Perhaps it always has been.  In my mind, the flaw in most published research is it is tainted by the interests of whoever instigated it in the first place.  Even if the researchers didn’t actively take measures to sway the outcome from the very beginning, it is highly unlikely that outcomes with a negative impact to the product in question would ever become public knowledge.  Especially if the product is already available on the market.  Is it cynicism or pragmatism I am revealing here?  Some of both, I suspect.

In taking a short break, a thought occurred to me.  What if it all comes down to our individual bullshit detectors?  I’m pretty sure we each have one and some of us give it more credence than others.  Over time, I have come to see that mine is usually pretty accurate.  And yes, I see the qualifiers in the previous sentence.  It’s about faith.  Faith with works; something living.  On topics that involve strong prejudice on my part I have found my BS detector faulty.  The more I challenge what I think, believe or have the willingness to do the more accurate the detector becomes.  Something about contempt prior to investigation.  Friends of Bill will more readily identify that whole concept.  whole new tangent.  thought fragments/sentence fragments.  stream of consciousness.  Ties in to not relying solely on self .  Coming to believe that there is, indeed, a power greater than ourselves and having faith in same that help and guidance is ALWAYS available.  Even in quagmires surrounding what to eat and what not to eat.  One only need ask and then listen to the “still, quiet” voice within.  Or, pay close attention to what comes about next… It often is like magic.  So easy to discount, it’s a wonder anyone has noticed and reported at all.  Empiricists would call it anecdotal and therefore unreliable.  Oddly enough the reason they cannot produce similar results in a “scientific” study is the result of rigid parameters designed to factor out things that occur in the anecdotes.  Like, thinking of a question and then having someone arrive at the door with the answer, or, call on the phone, or turn on the radio and have a relevant song or other piece of music play.  Or have a book or magazine article “fall open” to a relevant page.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  If you hear hoof beats, look first for horses, just don’t totally rule out Zebras.  That’s all I’m saying.


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