So much to learn, patience helps!

When I got my little Netbook last April, I was ecstatic.  This is one powerful, awesome little machine!  There are days when I am still THAT excited about it.  Given my love of miniature things that work, it’s difficult not to be excited about it.  It has bells and whistles that please my inner geek beyond words.  However…..

The soft wear brings challenges.  Learning how to get things to function as I want them to function, rather than how I tell them to function is the age old difficulty of working with computers.  Regardless of platform or operating system, GIGO holds sway.  Thank God for Microsoft!  I sincerely doubt I would spend any time at all on a computer if I had to do all that programming.  It’s just that sometimes, when I’m attempting to accomplish something in say, Word, I rarely come to the simple solutions first.  Sorta like driving without directions and somehow, the Help button is the LAST thing I think of, if I think of it at all.  It is the downside of being too smart for your own good.  I learn more by trial and error than I ever learned from a book or a Help button.  And that’s when patience becomes SO very important.  I’m writing this because I need the reminder.  I’ve gone around in a few circles today and in the end, accomplished what I set out to do; I think; I hope; I pray.  Time and future efforts will prove the truth, one way, or, the other.


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