Back in the Saddle (in a manner of speaking)

I’ve been ill since last Thursday and was surprised to find it even effected my interest and focus in writing.  That was weird.   I love writing.  As far back as I can remember, I have loved writing.  I have a wispy, foggy recall of being a small child and trying to get scribbles on paper as a story.   What it meant then and what it means now aren’t entirely clear and so, for the moment, I leave it.

While my thoughts have been fuzzy and unfocused the last few days, the fact remains, I have been thinking.  The challenge at this time is to see what bits of incite or clarity have been circling and where they might lead.

The very first thing published, by me, in Word Press was written before I even knew Word Press existed.  Windows Live Writer was where I had originally started to post random thoughts and occasional observations and I thought no more about them.  It didn’t appear that anyone but me was reading them and that was okay.  And then, to continue using Live writer I had to have a Word Press account, so “what the heck” I thought, “why not?”  And the world changed.  In this venue, people do read your stuff!  You get comments!  WOW!!!!!  An interactive journal!

One of the first questions Word Press poses is” Why Blog?”  That one stopped me in my tracks.  Quite frankly, when I first started and it seemed no one was reading, I considered blogging a kind of mind dump.  I tend to think stream of consciousness and what comes out doesn’t appear to be connected unless you jump in at the starting point and follow from the beginning and stay with it all the way to the end.  There is often more logic in the flow than would appear to the casual glance.  Notice I said “often”, not “always”.

Next from Word Press were questions about “Focus” and “Following”.  Stopped again.   Do I want to stick to one topic?  Do I want lots of followers? Or, do I write because that’s what I do?   I write, therefore, I am!  That seems to sum it up for me.  People will read, or, not read.  Agree, or, disagree.  Like or, dislike.  And the fact remains, I write.  More publicly than in the past, without question. And yet, something, someone calls me to this approach.   I couldn’t explain it if I tried.

As to the question of “focus” my goal will be to discuss only one topic at a time.  Beyond that, I make no promises.  My interests and passions vary.  Seems I come to life, soap box equipped, on any number of topics.  Sometimes I see myself as a guide, other times as the devils’ advocate and other times, even I don’t know until much later.  As passion and interest waxes and wanes, life goes forward, inevitably.  This is my way of jumping in.

In answer to the question of “following”, I truly don’t have one.  The idea of “commercial success” seems tempting, I guess.  But then, not really.  The thought comes to mind; “what if Stephen King should decide to write historical romance?”  I bet he could do it, successfully, if he put his mind to it.  But, could he publish it, as Stephen King and not be ridiculed?  Think of stunned readers around the world, one question alone running through their minds;”WTF????”  I have read most, if not all of his published works.  He has scared the bejesus out of me more times than I can say.  I’ve often wondered if his walking around view of life is as dark as what he portrays in his stories.  I like to see myself as open minded and unprejudiced, however, even I find it laughable and hard to believe that Stephen King would write historical romance and it was my example!  There in lies the problem of being too successful.  I’ve seen one award winning author skirt the walls of limiting genre, James Patterson.  If you want to see a writer strutting his stuff and it’s all good, check him out.  And he works with people getting established.

It occurs to me, in reading all the above, I have definitely jumped the tracks more than a little.  Publishing a blog and publishing a physical book are two, totally separate concepts.  I’m so new to blogging I used the frame of reference I was most familiar with and beg pardon if delusions of granduer, or something, might lead you to think that I see this as anything more than a public journal.  I honestly don’t.  All of these ruminations have only clarified for me that this format is and will be what it started out to be, a mind dump.  With more discipline and order than I have ever used in private journals.  Seems I have developed some very bad habits over time.  One of the freedoms of a private journal is the total lack of rules; no grammar, no punctuation, no sentence or paragraph structure, even spelling took a back seat.  Anarchy ruled!  Can I overcome it?  Do I need to?   Let me know.


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  1. MK Mercurio
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 00:11:56

    Hi Noreen,
    I’m glad you posted about your illness – I was wondering what happened to you. When you get sick, sometimes it just whacks you shamelessly!

    I understand your lack of focus when you’re sick but I hope you’re still reading the posts and following some of the other bloggers.

    Yesterday the question about what would you like to tell yourself 10 years ago – had some great comments and allowed some glimpses into the lives of our blogging friends.

    Ok – just wanted to let you know I care about you! – Marge


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