Sometimes Life Looks Like a Blur



When I took this picture, I was standing still.  Scouts honor! 


Apologies to the folks in the picture.  I’ve been fiddling around with computer programs and found out I could do this!  They know who they are and all things being equal, will NEVER see this picture or read this blog!


I love that I can blog as I did originally, offline and not so many bells and whistles as to get confused about what I’m doing. Don’t generally consider myself ADD, but, look, there’s a lion!


Doesn’t look like I can edit from here. hmmm oh, wait a minute, there it is … right there where it says editing!


Hurray, the color changed!  This is cool! Now all I need are emoticons.  Just kidding…sort of  Rolling on the floor laughing Not!! I just found them.

Map picture

Look what else!!!  Birds eye view of, guess where?  Oh, this is going to be fun!!!

It’s looking like this whole stream of consciousness thing is getting out of hand.  I mean, really.

Are we back to “normal”?  Okay, just checking. This has been the most fun session for me.  Can’t promise I won’t do it again, but, I’ll give it my best shot.


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