Again,life looks like a blur



We take photographs for many different reasons.  One of the main reasons is to remember, revisit people and times we enjoyed.  This picture was taken on a soggy Saturday morning and, as I recall, was a fun day any way.  We had a walk in the mist, the streets were almost empty and we were among the first to sit down to breakfast at a restaurant called Ketchup.The atmosphere was energizing (in a low key kind of way), the food was good and conversation flowed freely. 

The picture is nowhere near as clear as I would like it to be.  The camera in my phone is good enough, I guess, just not great.  As the operator of the camera I assume some responsibility for picture quality.  I haven’t quite honed the knack of being still while pressing the little button.  I could also benefit from some practice with the settings.  Never gonna be Ansell Adams, but, it would be nice to have clear, concise images.  Practice, practice, practice.

I So wanted to show a map here and after about an hour of rolling, ever so slowly North, East, South and West, I could NOT pin down the National Harbor Center.  Lots of other landmarks, just, not the one I was looking for. Auto 


When I got to thinking about life going by in a blur, it occurred to me that it isn’t always about hurry.  Sometimes it’s about focus and sometimes it’s about being still, or, not.  How I remember the day may not be as fuzzy as the photograph.  Although the thought that it might have really been a Sunday morning has begun to nag at me.  As no crimes were committed by us or around us, that particular detail doesn’t seem significant.  The picture is clear enough to see who was there.  And it’s stored in a form I can look at.  You don’t even want to know how many rolls of film I’ve shot and never had developed!  Talk about life looking like a blur. 

This is evidently a time of change, big change, for a lot of people.  Events seem to be occurring rapidly.  Just barely avoided saying at lightening speed.  Can you believe it’s almost October!?  This is just my way of slowing things down a tad.  What’s yours?


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  1. mkmercurio
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 17:59:45

    We do take photos for different reasons – for me, mainly to remember the day, event or thoughts in my head. Like the photo above, when you look at it, you’ll probably remember the conversation before and after, or something you ate, or where you were standing at the time. Photos become diaries in a way that is so tangible that we have to chuckle. I also love the self-timed photos I take — I can see me running and jumping into the scene with seconds to spare!


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