The Dangers of Procrastination

How I have contributed to yet Another F!@#$%^ Growth Opportunity

Wow! This is a tough question! Where do I begin?

What comes to mind is a collage of scurrying and less than stellar "performances" when i finally decided that "it" wasn't going away just because I was ignoring "it". Having difficulty pinning down a specific example. Must mean I'm still doing it a lot more than I care to admit. Way to break through denial Plinky question generator.

This is one of those questions where I have to be willing to tell myself the truth before I can tell anyone else. The honest answer is that most of the AFGOs in my life most likely resulted from procrastination to the point of dereliction of duty. Difficult to choose a "worst" from that collection. My reasons for procrastination are many and varied. And it doesn't even matter that they might be legitimate. Doing the best I could at the time. Natural consequences occur. My most current life lesson entails accepting accountability/responsibility for actions/inaction. Can't change what's over. Can adjust outlook, attitude and perspective to make better choices next time.

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