Would you rather go bungee jumping or sky diving?

There is fun and excitement in rappelling that still holds onto a level of sanity not connected to either activity listed in the title. According to me. Feel free to disagree.

Houston Sky Dive

I'd rather have my hair pulled out a strand at a time than do either. Thanks for asking!

I have considered sky diving once or twice in my life, just value the ability to walk and talk too much to do any more than think about it!

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  1. Karen
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 14:54:07

    If I was forced to choose, then I’d choose skydiving. Bungee-jumping just seems so totally wrong. I’m prone to motion-sickness so little planes aren’t my favorite. However, I can enjoy them; the spectacular view they offer and the quick passage from San Juan to Culebra, P.R…..but while I’m enjoying them, I’m working very hard at not puking (is that how you spell “vomiting”?). It requires that I don’t make sudden head turning…nor look down, nor hold my breath. must maintain deep slow even breathing. You might wonder how I could possibly enjoy anything while managing such restraint. The answer: I’ve had a lot of practice. Including 14 days at sea while being tossed around in a 40′ sailboat.
    Once Brian and I were in Sedona, AZ following his brothers 1st marriage in Phoenix. Two of his brothers flew into a small airport while we watched them land…bouncing from nose to tail and side to side, finally settling on both tires. After much back slapping, beer drinking and discussion of the finer points of the landing…We organized to make our way back to Phoenix. I had a choice between the 4th seat on the plane….or the back seat of the rental car with my Mother-in-law driving and sister-in-law riding shotgun. Basically my choices were:
    1) motion-sickness in the car with mother and sister-in-law…who wouldn’t let me ride up front and wouldn’t admit she suffered from motion sickness. You know, they’re from the family of “Chin up and Walk it Off”
    2) motion-sickness in the 4-seater plane which bounced down the runway on it’s landing.
    I choose the plane and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected…just mild nausea and severe gratitude that I wasn’t stuck in the car with Mom and Sis.
    My only experience with skydiving was Sophomore year in college when I took the plane ride up when a guy-friend was jumping. My ears popped a lot and it was more than uncomfortable. I couldn’t imagine ever deciding to walk out onto the landing gear and jump. No matter how cool the idea of “flying” seems.
    Thanks for this pleasant diversion from work!


  2. noreenheath333
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 14:53:57

    Sounds like you came closer to jumping than I ever did. I’ve been in a Cessna sized plane and lived to tell about it, but I much prefer larger aircraft. To my knowledge I have never been on a plane where people had parachutes. None that I could see.
    And, given the choices for the ride home, the plane does seem the lesser of evils. The time had to have been cut in half flying, right? What goes up must come down. Fortunately all in one piece!


  3. Ashli Paramore
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:44:46

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