Is it Winter, already?



Autumn colors

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I’m sitting here in sweats and wrapped in blankets wondering what happened to autumn.  Is it winter, already?  We might get snow tomorrow.  We haven’t even had Halloween yet!  Who do I see about a refund?  I thought this season included a brief intermediate between the hot and the cold.  I’m pretty sure that’s what I asked for.

The older I get, the more I appreciate spring and fall.  Even though it’s the worst time of year for allergens.  It’s such a nice interlude.  A reasonable amount of clothing; perhaps a sweater.  Is that too much to ask for a quick three months?  Cause autumn always does seem to be over before it really gets started. Have you noticed that?  I think it’s all the kids praying for Christmas to get here.  Just a thought.

I like summer well enough, except in humid places.  Humidity makes life a living hell.  And I’m not backing down from that.  The only thing worse than hot and humid is cold and humid!  Must be why I enjoyed living in desert climate so  much.  It didn’t seem to matter what the temperature was, I could dress for it.  Enough clothes to satisfy modesty concerns in the summer and mobility concerns in the winter.  That is not how things work in a more humid climate!  Buck naked is too much clothing when the humidity rises in summer.  And quite frankly, they just don’t make anything warm enough for when the temperature drops and the humidity rises.  Once I’m dressed like the Michelin man all thought of productive functioning are put on hold.  How much can a person who cannot bend her arms even to scratch her nose, realistically, be expected to do?  Ever heard the saying,”expectations are planned resentments”?  It applies here. 

I just thought of my explanation!  Summer heat = vapor lock.   Winter cold= frozen fuel lines!  Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!

In springtime, when nature is refurbishing, the temperature usually feels just right and the scenery is pure joy.  The pollen can be obnoxious, but, the absence of it is unthinkable.  I’m finding that’s what essential oils are for, easing physical discomfort, so the beauty of spring can progress as it will, as it must.  The resurging of life is so worth some discomfort.  There’s an allegory or a metaphor in there somewhere.  When I thaw out, I’ll let you know if I remember what it was.

In autumn, when nature is closing up shop for a well earned rest, the temperature usually feels right and the scenery is pure joy.  The colors are rich and bold.  It’s like a last hurrah.  I know there’s actually color all year long and spring has it’s own splendor.  There’s just something about autumn colors!   Must be the reds and the golds  sprinkled in amongst the greens. 

Summer has it’s moments, I won’t deny it.  The only thing that saves winter from being a total bust as a season is fires in a fireplace!   Okay, the pristine first snow and icicle lace on the trees is spectacular.  Too bad it can’t happen and still be a reasonable temperature!

Cool!  Here I was thinking there wouldn’t be a post today cause I’m too cold to think.  Still wondering; is it winter, already?


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