Try…Try again

This is, in fact, my second attempt at a post today.  With all the alertness of a single cup of coffee I wrote and then evidently deleted a post first thing this morning.  Oh well, lots more where that came from.  I guess.

Have you ever stopped to count the number and variety of thought streams you go through every day? Do they all seem to pop out of nowhere?  Sometimes it’s the smallest, seemingly most insignificant things that jumpstart mine.

Yesterday I was driving behind this little red KIA and was suddenly laughing like a fool.  The thought was, he’s got a soul, because he bought one!  Wonder what they were thinking of at KIA when they named that car.  It’s a little thing.  Bigger than the ones I think of as toy cars or clown cars, but, not much.  I imagine it’s fuel efficient and can probably turn on a dime…still…shouldn’t one want or expect more from a soul?

Sunday I had a meltdown over a stupid game…if you have ever played Candy Crush Saga, you may agree with me, or, not.  The result of the meltdown was I have removed all vestiges of it from my Facebook page and my Nooks.  I think I was on level 76 and thought I had FINALLY discovered the challenge of the level and what was needed to beat it.  BUT NO…things kept going round and round on the rest of the board, but NOTHING would move in the top left square…the only place where things could be dropped from the board.  All the while this mechanical voice kept saying crap like “sugar crushed”, “sweet” and whatever other bullshit phrases they have programmed it to say.  What a load of crap!  And the even bigger load of crap is that survey thing they do every so many levels.  They have this meter like a speedometer and at the zero level it says “boring” and at the highest level it says….can’t remember…so innocuous and inapplicable it didn’t merit mental storage space.  A couple of times I swung the needle down to boring and pressed enter….all the while thinking,,,,they don’t ask the right question.  Perhaps “not at all challenging” at one end to “I,ve completed the level WTF just happened?” Because those were my responses more often than not.  I have come to the conclusion that the cloyingly sweet, cutesie games designed by King were never made for me.  If they would be straightforward and just sell the game outright I might view them differently. Then again, maybe not.  I guess they are meant to get people to interact, ask for help, communicate.  Maybe I give them undeserved points, undeserved credit.  All of this right here is meant to delete it all from my mind as I deleted it from my machines.  Just be done with them.  I guess I can’t help wondering about all the people I know still playing those games.  More than one of those folks has referred to the games as addictive.  Like any addiction they have a deleterious effect whether acknowledged or not.  See, some of the boards are exceedingly difficult or seemingly impossible to complete for seven or eight attempts in a row, then boom, you can’t lose.  I have sent and received “extra” lives more times than I can count, yet NEVER had more than five lives at any time.  Same with “extra” moves…unless they were added together to the preset number of moves allotted. In which case WTH, I should be the one who determines when and if I’m going to use them.  Hard to enjoy playing a game when the words arbitrary and capricious are locked into the forefront of my mind.  In my personal opinion these games should be described as gambling…it’s more about luck than skill.  I like a challenge, if it is a challenge.  I am more likely to abide frustration for a practical purpose.  The games don’t serve any observable practical purpose….according to me.

Ah well, No one ever forced me to attempt those games.  I have deleted them from my machines.  I have now taken the time to verbalize some of the more raucous protestations that overcame me while “playing”, perhaps they can now become part of history and not travel around in my head. 

Where there is life, there is hope!


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