I Can Do This With One Hand Tied Behind My Back!

Sure sounds like a brag, doesn’t it? It really isn’t.  Just a thought that arrived as i was pouring my coffee and thinking about writing this post on my little Nook.  It’s more like texting than actual typing, the keyboard is too small to use both hands.  Who knew hunt and peck would ever be so useful?

And, in another story, two days in a row it snowed first thing in the morning. And two days in a row most of the snow was gone by sunset. Is the universe noting that we really have had enough?

I was introduced to the work of Anne Lamott the other day. My daughter-in-law put the book in my hands and i read it cover to cover by the next morning. Helen asked me if i had ever heard of the author…the name seemed a little familiar…but i coudn’t remember the context.  Seems my friend Karen has recommended her…has it been a couple of years ago already? Can’t help wondering why i didn’t follow up on the suggestion sooner. I really like the way Anne Lamott writes.  Plan B Further Thoughts On Faith is such a good book. Now, of course, i must find and read all of her other published works. Funny how i do that with some authors and not others.

Now the hand behind my back has fallen asleep. I have to wake it up and get busy doing other stuff.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KAREN
    Feb 27, 2014 @ 07:55:27

    She is a wonderful author. In book club, we read Joe Jones. On my own, I read Grace (Eventually) : Thoughts on Faith.
    I love to read your posts.


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