If it’s Trendy, it Certainly doesn’t require my attention!

Harry Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood

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I came to the conclusion, don’t ask me when, that if something is trendy it doesn’t require my interest and especially not my attention.  If it’s trendy far too many minds are giving it interest and attention already.

I do understand that if more people thought like I do, unemployment would likely be much higher.  People magazine would not exist.  How many people do they employ?  How about MTV?  The list could go on.It’s not like I’m totally incognizant or even immune to trends.  Being human and having a need to be part of society I see and hear things and even form opinions. I don’t often feel compelled to share them; most often they are more wait and see anyway.  Wait for the initial excitement to die off and see if anyone even remembers the next day, week, month, etc.  I most especially don’t follow “news” trends.  When they learn to tell only who, what, when and where, I might try listening again.  There are a couple of reasons for this perspective.

  1. they seem insistent on why, which is most times inexplicable, especially where crime is involved.   What makes their best guess any better or worse than mine or yours?  And that’s all it can be without knowing a great deal more than is revealed by the “investigative reports”.
  2. placement matters.  Lead stories sell lots of product.  Selling product is why there is “news” at all.  Wonder if those folks are in the least insulted that more and more people consider them “infotainment”?  As i fail to see either information or entertainment, I don’t miss them.  Never formed the habit of watching, so, don’t miss them even though I don’t see them.
  3. it insults my intelligence when they rehash, well, most everything really. At first i was going to mention debates and presidential speeches; things like that. Then realized they rehash most things.
  4. Can you remember a time they asked a question you wanted answered?  I can’t.
  5. they trivialize or ignore important things, especially if it’s contrary to the thinking of sponsors.  Tell it all or shut up.
  6. I , personally, don’t care what “celebrities” think about any given topic, more often than not.  When we become personal friends, I’ll ask, if I really want to know.
  7. Since I wouldn’t choose to have my tragedies, screw ups and personal business scattered to the four winds, I certainly don’t like being bombarded with sound bytes and photos when it’s done to other human beings, celebrity or average citizen.   I’d suggest turning the cameras around except that would be cruel also.

Sorry, went on a little tear.  Is it any wonder there is so much stress in the world?  It is my personal belief that all the wrong people are being stressed.  I’d really like to see bright lights trained and doors unlocked on many of the dark places where decisions are reached.  All those places protected, shielded by moneyed sponsors.  The places where some ONE  decides you and I shouldn’t be bothered with information we wouldn’t understand.  It might confuse us!!!!  What’s to be confused about?  If we knew what you were doing, action would be taken to delay or stop what you are doing!

I will say right here, in case you haven’t already guessed, these are my opinions, thoughts, ideas.  They are only being expressed here and now because I found a safe venue to express them, as completely as possible, that no one has to hear, or read or watch.  If you like them and agree, good.  If you don’t like them and disagree, good.  If it gets you to thinking and verbalizing without causing harm, even better.  We need more people thinking, weighing and evaluating.  Most particularly about things we are effected/affected by that don’t ever get presented on the “news”.

Here’s the thing; for many years I said and even believed, “I don’t care”.   Ignored the anger, resentment, frustration in my tone of voice.  Imagine my surprise at learning how much I actually do care.  And learning that powerlessness is not the same thing as hopeless.  It’s a whole new way of looking at things and I’m curious to see where it leads.

Denial doesn’t actually make things go away, it just removes things from our active focus and attention.  It might be what is necessary, for awhile.  And if you’re not diverted by the infotainment, chaos and disarray of modern media, it’s entirely likely you are depressed to some degree.  Maybe not.

There’s a thought running through my mind and I can’t quite catch it.  I think it has something to do with change of attitude and perspective, sorry, no bells ringing yet.  Something about denial involved and I still can’t pin it down.

Ah, yes, All or nothing thinking!!!  If you had confronted me on just that topic, even a couple of weeks ago, I would have told you “I don’t do that anymore”.  See, denial!  Right now there are any number of times I would still say “off with their heads” or “This is the only way to go”.  Or, things similar to that.

Please hear this, before reading further; what follows are sarcastic, cynical, tongue in cheek solutions to a few of the challenges we face as humans and citizens in the world today.  I do not own weapons of any kind!  I do not suggest, recommend or encourage the use of violence or weaponry for solving interpersonal, international differences.

So, tongue in cheek, ………………never mind.  Old thoughts, clearly seen as no longer valid and mostly encouraged by the vicarious catharsis of revenge movies.  Can I hear a big round of applause for Dirty Harry!  I used to have other favorites, but they just got too outlandish to be believed.  Maximum destruction of property and no collateral damage! Please!  Only the “bad” guys got maimed or killed?  Truth is, I don’t even know how Clint Eastwood movies still make my view list.  Still watch’em, still enjoy watching ’em.  Go ahead, make my day!

Another old habit, hard to lose is taking things personally.    It’s another one of those things I would have sworn I’d given up.  Until I found out I hadn’t, not really!  That was surprising.  Note to self: denial is not your friend.  It leads down so many wrong roads.

And I don’t know how well this transitions, but, the above got me to thinking about things I hear people say and the single thought that runs through my mind, when I hear them saying some of these:

  • I’m not a victim
  • I’m happy, joyous and free
  • I am (or am not)____________________

The single thought is: I think thou doth protest too much!  Okay, there is a common corollary thought: Who are you trying to kid?  And, in the interest of mental and spiritual health, I have to ask and answer myself, honestly, first.  Not new, just recently refreshed.  Backed up by self examination and revelation to a living breathing other.  I can bs myself quite well.   It all changes when the information is shared.

It is most definitely not trendy to admit perceiving oneself as a victim.  How else would you describe a fairly constant, possibly low threshhold, state of feeling hopeless and helpless?  Compounded by attitudes and beliefs that life is tough, I have nothing to offer, good things don’t happen to me, if they do it’s a fluke……shall I go on? Before I forget, aided and abetted by the fear mongers spewing scarcity and chaos at every flick of the dial. (click of the remote)  Sounds a lot like depression, doesn’t it.  And, odd as it seems, I believe depression is trendy.   Between that and bi-polar, ADD and ADHD, seems everybody is at least one of them these days!  Why is that?  Because the drug companies have a pill for it?  If the first one don’t work, there’s three more we can try.  In succession or altogether.  Whatever your insurance will pay for!  Doesn’t pay to be depressed and uninsured, at all.   Unless you’re willing to take a non-drug approach and find a way to look at the person in the mirror, honestly.

Finding a comfortable place in the middle ground is something of a challenge.  Sometimes, finding the middle at all is a gift.  I didn’t get to where I am now all on my own and I didn’t get to where I was before on my own either.  The difference between now and then is, I do less kicking and screaming.  I still balk at some things, however, I choose who to follow, who to believe, who to trust.  It makes a difference.  Remembering that my feet are made of clay and the same will be true of any person I ask for help keeps me from idolizing anyone.  It helps.

This has been a rambling diatribe if I ever wrote one.  If you’re still here, thanks.  If you’re not…….

I’m still thinking what I started out saying:  If it’s trendy, it Certainly doesn’t require my attention!


Shoulda done this earlier!

Ideas Challenge

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When i first woke up this morning I had about seven (7) ideas for a blog post today and not nearly enough time to write any of them.  Sadly, I didn’t jot them down either.  note to self: jot down ideas that occur, sometimes the mind goes blank later on.  You might actually use them.

I’m changing my routine.  More accurately said, I’m establishing a routine.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had one.  Didn’t think I needed one and hadn’t realized I missed having one.  Until I started doing more than ordinary tasks.

In getting excited about blogging ,so many things have changed in my private little world.  Initially it was all about just writing.  The nagging question in the back of my mind was: why are you doing this?  If all you want to do is write, then write.  But blogging is about someone else reading what I wrote, isn’t it?  The possibility that someone might?!  Admitting to myself that I even cared about whether or not people read it was something of a hurdle.  Being patient with myself and the learning process is a challenge.  I mean, really, who knew there was  So much to learn about blogging?

My fixed idea about blogging was sitting down and writing whatever and posting it somewhere. Didn’t really know what posting was by the way.   It could be just that.  It can be just that.  There are enough of us out here pouring out our hearts and souls, or jumbled thoughts, or observations and then clicking on the little icon that says Publish.  And that’s it.

It was for me, until I started reading other peoples blogs!  WOW! I’m following several and would dearly love to have some way to file them in order so I can read them in order.   Right now, it’s like going shopping when broke and finding so many things I like.  Or, going shopping at all, sometimes.   When I have too many choices all at once I have a tendency to lock down.  See, I might miss something, make the wrong choice, overlook something right in front of my nose.

Which is why I am establishing a routine.  My goal is to bring some order to the chaos all this input has brought.  To remain excited about learning new things and not be overwhelmed, some kind of plan or discipline is needed.  Day one went pretty well.  Onward and upward.

Good Night