Crap, I still don’t have a title!

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This morning has been about pacing myself into the day. I actually slept in…’til 5:20! The pattern recently has been more like3:30 a.m., so, I slept in. And don’t you know it felt like I was so far behind the power curve I would NEVER catch up? It sure didn’t take long for what first seemed like a fluke to become an expected pattern! Less than a month. I’ve heard somewhere that it only takes eight repetitions of a behavior for it to be a habit. Something to Google, I’m sure. Mostly just noticing that I have gotten so used to waking at zero dark thirty that I feel like I’m burning daylight when there is none! Did I burn it all yesterday? Well, no, look, sunrise!
Unless I have to go out and about for some reason, early morning is when I start writing. I start with coffee, three meditation books and three pages of long hand writing. The coffee is self explanatory to coffee lovers, inexplicable to those who don’t have the custom. The three meditation books seem to have resulted from an inability to choose just one and come from the theory, if one is good, three are better. May not be true; works for me. The three pages long hand writing is a determined effort to attempt The Artist’s Way, again. Didn’t get very far the first time. It’s a book by Julia Cameron. She teaches people how to access their creativity. Started to say “get in touch with” and gagged. Sometimes things get so over used. I might use that phrase again before I die, or not. Sounds so saccharine to me. This is neither the time, nor place for that topic.
I’m playing around again with different things, just to see what happens. Some of the nice people who left hyper-links on my blog led me to the concept of using underlines, italics and bold. I think I like bold better than all caps. Italics tend to disappear with the theme I use. Fade out, hmmm, maybe that’s the idea.
Thursday is such a different kind of day, isn’t it? Other than Thanksgiving, does anything really important happen on a Thursday? I ask because I was thinking how fluid most of my Thursday plans usually are…Today is a fine example. Tentative plans to get together with Denise and do more blending. No definite start time, no particular blend in mind, and just need to be sure to have things finished so Denise can leave to meet a commitment and I can get to her neighbor’s house in time for our regular Thursday evening schedule of events. Daytime Thursday can be just about anything. I’m often curious to see how Thursday will unfold. The possibilities are endless.
Most days I do “other stuff” once my three pages are written. It makes sense to take a break from writing for a little while and allows time for things that won’t do themselves: housecleaning, laundry, cooking. Getting back to write the blog is scheduled, loosely. I don’t like to wait too late cause if I get distracted (oh, look, a lion) it might not get done at all. And I’m having too much fun with it to allow that to happen. Oh, on some days I also do written “Step” work. Can’t leave that out…it makes everything else so much richer. If my daily post is done by 7 p.m., all is well. Netflix time!
This is why this post is being written now. When I looked at how things were rolling out, my little voice said “now or never” referring specifically to today. My inner voice is well aligned with the concepts of One Day at a Time or Just for Today. Absolutes now have limits.?! I rarely use terms like “always” and “forever”. There doesn’t seem to be a way to alter them that indicates change is constant. I can’t explain how “never” escaped, it just did.
Part of the “other stuff” often includes reading other people’s blogs. I can’t do it every day, so, I really enjoy the days when I can. Today was one of those days. And was on my list. I made a note of the web address this time. I tempted the fates and read more than three. Also spent time reading the comments! Time well spent! This man has a gift for ranting I haven’t heard since Dennis Miller. I don’t even remember the show he was on; his rant was the only thing I watched. And I’ve lost track of his doings since then, saw him somewhere else and lost interest. Anyway, Don Mills rants well. If you go to his page, bring your sense of humor, otherwise, you won’t get it.
The other blog I visited was and I hope I got that right, because her site was also cool. Can’t get online right now, so I can’t tell you the precise name of the blog I read, it was Top Ten Ways to get Freshly Pressed. I think. Sometimes I get really close. As the internet is not horseshoes or hand grenades, really close is like another planet, not there at all. She does a fine job of ranting herself. Maybe just wry observation would be more accurate. I like her writing style and she gets some interesting comments as well. I am curious….what, exactly, is an Oxford comma? I feel like Mr. Weasely asking Harry Potter, what exactly is the purpose of a rubber duck? I’m sure it will be self evident, once it is explained to me.
The temptation to try for 1600+/- words is present, but not overwhelming. I still have “other stuff” to do and the muse must be having another in-service day. Crap, I still don’t have a title!


Walking the dog, again

Have I mentioned that I love walking dogs?  I do.  Give me a dog, a leash and of course, an excrement bag and then get out of my way.  While spring and fall are my ideal when it comes to weather for walking, if the dog will walk, I will walk.

Doodle is the second dog, in my long experience, who will walk as long and as far as I am willing to go at the other end of the leash.  Since I have walked miles at a time, even without a dog, I think this is pretty cool.

My late friend Cardi, a black Lab, was the first dog I had ever seen do this.  She was the BEST dog ever.  According to me, obviously.  Put her on a leash and she would follow her nose to the ends of the earth, if allowed.  I am SO tempted to say she  was a smart dog.  She was, in many ways.  A slow learner about things sometimes.  I’m not sure she ever grasped that skunks should be left alone.  Having said that, I just realized, I never shortened the leash when they were around.  Huh! that stopped me in my tracks.

About Doodle, he’s a fun dog to walk.  We had a beautiful, crisp autumn morning to enjoy.  So we did.  And that was what reminded me about Cardi and just following her nose.  He does the same thing.  Didn’t even attempt to turn towards home until I guided him that way.  My coffee was getting cold.  My mistake, pouring it out and all, before his walk.

He did another thing I’ve seen dogs do and quite frankly, will never understand.  He found something really gross and probably smelly and tried to roll in it!  Fortunately, I have learned to shorten the leash for stuff like that. 

Doodle is a friendly, curious little beastie and I’m going to miss walking him when he moves to his new home.  Don’t know when that is due to happen, so, until then…want to go for a walk Doodle?