How is it possible? November is half gone!


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I  keep checking the calendar, the one on the wall, the one on my phone and the little one in the lower right corner of my handy-dandy Netbook and they all say the same thing!  How is it possible?  November is half gone!  Where did it go?

Yes, the Snickers bars and Milky ways are long gone.  Had some help with that, just so you know.  And I’ve made great headway on my novel.  You know, NaNoWriMo! I apologize that things seem to have fallen by the wayside here.  My intentions were good, but we all know about good intentions; don’t we?  Having made several round trips in the course of my life, I assure you, it’s true.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions! Would I lie to you?

And believe it or not, I do have a life that is not tied to a computer and the internet.  I know, it surprises me too!

There were even a couple of days when the only writing I did was the morning long hand pages.  Some things must go on, no matter what.  those couple of days were a combination of the good and the bad.  Not awful, just not real happy.  I guess they weren’t really “bad” as I think about them now.  No bad news or upsetting events or anything.  Just, no good news or sources of delight either.  Guess I’ve gotten kind of spoiled recently in feeling just so pleased with life I felt like dancing more often than not.  I think I’ve found a balance point.  it could happen.

Still, it is now minutes into the 16th of November and whether I write it or not, I’m thinking already!  I’m still not certain when the downhill run begins.  Might even be as early as September.  Then again, late October is more likely.  When dawn still looks like the middle of the night and dusk arrives sooner every day.  Wonder if that’s what makes time seem to fly.  Shorter daylight hours, no matter how they play with the clock!  Seems once November starts it’ll be a New Year before you can blink twice!

Could just be that I’m getting old.  I heard somewhere that time moves faster for old people.  Maybe I’m just having fun.  I’ve been doing a whole lot of laughing recently.  That helps.

The one thing I know for sure to slow things down is to wait for something.  The more impatient I am, the slower time moves.  Mostly, I don’t wait much anymore, even when standing in line.  Fortunately, I am often easily amused.  If I haven’t brought a book or some portable game, There are usually people to watch.  And wonder about.  And make up stories for.  Never a dull moment.  Once in a while, though, I do find myself waiting, impatiently.  It’s one of the main reasons I have done my best to stop doing that.  Cause waiting in my mind is often followed by, impatiently.  Like string on a yo-yo, they work together and in just about the same way.  Mood goes down, comes back up; mood goes down… you get the idea.  I prefer not to wait.  Seems better for all concerned if my attention is focused on something, anything else.

So, I’m still kind of wondering; How is it possible? November is half over already!


This is only a test!

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

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Can I really blog from OneNote?

Yes!!! I can!!! It will include categories, just no tags, that I can see .

[tag postaday2011,testing]

Wow, this is way cool!  The second best thing, after my handy-dandy Netbook is having OneNote installed!  It gets better and better as I find new things it can do!  Don’t tell anyone, I really am something of a geek and it only gets worse as I get older.  Especially when I figure out how things work and get them to do what I want!   I can be particularly annoying until I get used to it, or, bored with it!  OneNote has been a constant source of entertainment, involvement and wonder.  Every time  I think I have reached the limit of it’s abilities, I find a new one!  And it’s like getting a brand new toy!!!  So, even after a year, please be warned, I am still annoying.

My friends are probably saying,” thank God for blogs, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard all I care to about that.”  You would swear I came up with it myself ,or, was the ONLY person on earth who has ever heard of it or used it.  I’d apologize, except that I expect to continue the behavior, so it would fall flat.  So, if you’ve already heard (read) as much as you’d care to, now is the time to leave.

When I first saw OneNote  I was thrilled cause it’s like one of those organizers.  And separate notebooks with tabs and everything.  As an admin type from way back it was love at first sight.  I’m not as orderly as I’d like to be, so, it’s nice to have some organization, somewhere.  Wish I could have it real world, not just in the computer.  I’ve still got a couple of things out of place any way.  Must be the rebel in me, or I was in a hurry.  Makes me really glad of the tabs.  And I think it has a search feature too.

I can record video and sound from OneNote also.  I don’t play with that often.  I mostly like knowing it’s there.

One of my favorite features is the clipping tool.  I have used it to send my Dad pictures of his great-grandchildren from Facebook.  He chooses not to have a Facebook account, so, this is the next best thing.  It did take some trial and error before I found the best way to include the pictures in an e-mail.  It was all worth it when it succeeded.  My Dad lives in Illinois and my son and his family are in various places because he is military.  His wife posts lots of pictures so friends and family can keep up with them.  Now, even Dad can.  And I really like that.

Ever tried making a phone list, even with a data base?  getting everything nice and neat and complete can be mind-bending.  I have mentioned that I do a lot of figure it out yourself in a previous post.  Haven’t ever been real good at asking for help or following directions.  OneNote makes it simple, even for hard heads.  It’s awesome.  Creates columns and rows and even column headings.  All I have to do is type!  Use the letter keys, spacebar and tab key. Voila, phone list!

It does schedules, charts, forms…you name it.  I may be reinventing the wheel, but, I’m having a fine time doing it!

How are your math skills?  mine are fair to average, depending on the day and my state of being.  OneNote will do the math for me!!!! You are my very best friend OneNote.  Really.  When I first read about that feature, I didn’t believe it. So, I tried it.  It worked!  Haven’t tried any rocket science or advanced formulas, so, I can’t vouch for the depth of skills.  Guess I’ll find out when I need them.  Haven’t so far.

And…’s interactive! whether I’m planning a trip, looking for a recipe, thinking of a book or a movie, whatever, I can search the internet, schedule things, download things, whatever.  And it keeps track of all of it.

I could write things out by hand, in the program and have it turn script to text.  I’m kinda proud of my handwriting, most of the time, yet find I don’t do well using a mouse.  So, I haven’t really used that feature.

Because I have Windows 7, I have a speech to text program as well.  Still need much work with that, unless I’m in need of a good laugh.  Have you ever tried speech to text?  This is my second go around with it and it’s still just as funny as I remember.  My diction must be absolutely horrendous, cause I’ve gotten some stunningly funny results attempting to dictate letters.  I wish I had saved them.  Can’t say for sure why I didn’t.  It could also have been the result of the microphone I was using.  I don’t buy high end stuff for non-professional use.  I’d consider the options of beg, borrow, steal…it’s just not that serious. At the moment.  Maybe later.

I believe this program was designed for students and it almost makes me wish I was back in school.  Except for the classes that didn’t allow recording devices; party poopers!  I take pretty good notes; but who wouldn’t want to have the class at the click of a couple of buttons?  I had one or two deadly dull ones and a nap would have been nice!  I also had a couple of professors who really loved what they were doing.  Some of the best classes I was ever in, it would be fun to revisit them.  Of course, I didn’t get my first computer until long after I graduated.  My computer programming class was on Fortran IV.  How appropriate is that Roman Numeral????  I did well enough to pass the class, doubt that I remember much and also doubt that anyone uses that programming language these days.  It was that or COBOL.  I think i have that right, Common Business Language.  And that is the limit of my knowledge on that particular topic.  Was it being phased out at the time, replaced by FORmula TRANslation?  Or were they just different languages?  The push was for students to learn FORTRAN.  Oddly enough, I NEVER used it again!  What was the fuss about?  Learning logic was helpful, what I remember of it.  Mostly just enough to p___ me of these days.

Of all the programs I have EVER worked with, I like OneNote best.  It’s easy to work in and with and has so many features I really enjoy.  To whoever did all the programming, my hat is off to you.  I even put one on so I could do that!  You have no idea how rare an occasion that is.  I hate Hats!  They often look nice and all, they just don’t wear well.  Your program was worth the temporary discomfort.  If you ever come up with something better, well, okay, yes, I’d like to know.  We just won’t tell my friends about it.  I’d really rather they didn’t avoid me, through the introductory period.  I’d say we could keep it under our hats, except I just explained why that’s unlikely.  Sub rosa?  That might work!

Okay, I’m like 400+ words shy of word count goal here.  This topic went a lot farther than I ever expected and wasn’t even what I had in mind in the first place.  it all started yesterday afternoon when I ran the little mousey over some things under “file” and saw “blog this”.  Say What?  Of course I had to try it.  Wouldn’t anyone?  I know have at least three, maybe four ways to post on my blog.  Maybe more, cause I beginning to think of another possible source.  I ask you, is it any wonder I’m thinking in blog?  It’s EVERYWHERE!

Here’s a taste of what I was thinking about, until I got distracted.  I keep getting these things about SEO and I’m not sure I understand them.  And if I do understand them, I’m just not sure I’m ready for totally amazing blog traffic.  I’m building up to it, just not there yet.  I get so tickled just getting comments.  And I read somewhere it’s a good idea to respond to them.  I definitely respond to the personal ones.  The ones that come with what looks to me like advertising or back link to what looks like advertising I hold off on.  On the one hand, I understand people have to make a living.  As most of this type is caught in my spam catcher I suspect it’s a pay per post thing.  On the other hand, I don’t know what companies and products they are linking back to and I have other priorities that inhibit me from back tracing and researching them.  I am considering whether or not to include a caveat emptor type thing at the top of my page or simply deleting.  Time and space for thinking and considering (praying and meditating as well).  This is so much more than I ever expected and I don’t wish to lose the joy of it!  One thing I would suggest, if you don’t wish to be deleted, yet wish to leave a link, tell me ONE specific thing you like about the blog, or, didn’t like.  Either is acceptable.  Tell me something about what you’re plugging and I’m even more likely to approve.  Legal, ethical, moral…all critical issues.  I write because I love it and would prefer my space to be a safe one for any one that stops by to read.  This is the internet after all.  I was born at night (really) just, not last night.  So, as my Dad would say “play Nice”.

The horse is in the coral at least, food and water.  Maybe get brushed tomorrow!


Autodidact suffering info overload: Help!

Have you ever been told to “figure it out yourself”?  Apparently I was told that often enough to take it totally to heart.  With some things, it might be a pretty good idea, or not.  I believe some basics need to be grasped, in almost any area you can name, to do an adequate job of it.  There are lots of ways to get the basics: school, observation, books.  Then, figure it out yourself has to become hands on if you are going to develop skills.

Learning to cook and bake was like that for me.  I grew up watching my mother cook and bake from scratch on a regular basis.  I have been known to read cookbooks like they were novels. And I took a Home Ec class in highschool.  I don’t cook or bake like my mother did.  Not even bread.   First time I tried to use her recipe, wow, was I disappointed.  It was one of the main reasons I started reading cookbooks.  My skills evolved over time, with lots of experiments, disasters and some surprise successes.  I learn new things all the time and feel very competent in the kitchen.

The information overload is actually of my own making!  Oh and has nothing to do with cooking or baking.  It has to do with computers.  Holy Cow!  Since I recommitted to the Postaday I have been like a kid, already amped with sugar, running wild in a candy store.  For instance, I’ve been tinkering with this blog site.  Can’t quite figure out how to get that badge to post on my page.  There is some totally obvious step I keep missing, I just know it.  When it is pointed out to me and I finally “see” it I’m going to slap myself in the forehead and say: ” how the hell did I keep missing that?”

And I got curious about video blogging and spent the better part of a day fooling around with programs, downloading and installing cool stuff, trying to upload my experiments and finding out (just where in god’s name) the files are stored on my computer.  Back burnered for now.  Priorities, don’t you know.  I found out I could do it and was willing to let it be.   For now.

Twitter…tweet…retweet….HUH?!  That’s a whole little world; all by itself!  And more valuable than I first thought.  Most of what I had seen was just plain ridiculous, I didn’t look very closely.  When I did…here it comes again..Holy Cow!  The first reference to a legitimate use of twitter was a suggestion from an article on WordPress.  I’m tempted to say in the Support section…not certain.  The second reference to a legitimate use for twitter came from The Wall St.Journal.  Say WHAT???

And here’s how I know I really need help.  If the information I have gathered recently were physical papers or magazines, I would be buried under such a massive pile I’d need a rescue team to dig out.  And it’s all chaos.  See, it’s exciting, following story to story, article to article.  On a good day I can even get back to my original inquiry.  There have been a couple of bad days.

I guess i have to admit it, I have gotten intellectually lazy in the last say, twenty years.  I used to be pretty good at bibliographies and footnotes.  In college they were imperative.  In private journals they are not needed at all.  Twice in one blog I’ve wanted to cite sources (yes, this one) and am woefully unprepared to do so.  Crap!  Re education is almost as trying as ordinary education.  Maybe more so, all those bad habits to lose.  I also used to be a whiz at organizing.  Until I started relying on the alternate wad method.  That’s only good ’til the stack falls over.  I tried organized chaos for a while, until chaos dominated.  The computer is kind of codependent thing: it looks all nice and neat and everything.  But you’re screwed if you haven’t set priorities….somewhere.  You can eventually find what you’re looking for; if you are patient and resourceful and have a good memory…or, thought to make a note of a file name.  I haven’t quite surrendered to the idea of starting over.  Do you suppose it’s time?

So much to learn, patience helps!

When I got my little Netbook last April, I was ecstatic.  This is one powerful, awesome little machine!  There are days when I am still THAT excited about it.  Given my love of miniature things that work, it’s difficult not to be excited about it.  It has bells and whistles that please my inner geek beyond words.  However…..

The soft wear brings challenges.  Learning how to get things to function as I want them to function, rather than how I tell them to function is the age old difficulty of working with computers.  Regardless of platform or operating system, GIGO holds sway.  Thank God for Microsoft!  I sincerely doubt I would spend any time at all on a computer if I had to do all that programming.  It’s just that sometimes, when I’m attempting to accomplish something in say, Word, I rarely come to the simple solutions first.  Sorta like driving without directions and somehow, the Help button is the LAST thing I think of, if I think of it at all.  It is the downside of being too smart for your own good.  I learn more by trial and error than I ever learned from a book or a Help button.  And that’s when patience becomes SO very important.  I’m writing this because I need the reminder.  I’ve gone around in a few circles today and in the end, accomplished what I set out to do; I think; I hope; I pray.  Time and future efforts will prove the truth, one way, or, the other.