Walking the dog

For all the yoyo enthusiasts, this is not what you think.  You are, of course welcome to read on, if you choose.

I was walking Doodle yesterday morning and was reminded of something I’d forgotten from the last time I walked a dog.  Maddie, that was…one thing at a time.

Dogs don’t like it when you scoop their poop!  Dog lovers of the world, can I hear an amen!?  When you’ve walked as many dogs as I have you start to notice trends.  Like yesterday morning when I heard myself asking Doodle:  are you full of s@%^ or do you just make it up as we go along?

By the third pile he should have been empty!  He’s not a big dog and doesn’t consume more than the usual amount of food for a dog his size, so, what’s the deal here?

And to take this to the completely absurd (gross) the texture from first to last changed from solid well formed to soft and squishy.  Which was why I was pretty sure he was making it up as we went along.

If I were not attempting to be a good neighbor, in all likelihood this whole topic might have escaped my attention.   I can’t help wondering if things would be different.  It’s like, by removing the evidence of his existence he is compelled to make more.  This is a consistent pattern of behavior.

I can’t whole heartedly support just leaving the piles.  Like everyone else, I’ve stepped in a few and it stinks, literally and figuratively.  What is the alternative?  I guess if the dog can adjust (sort of) so can I.