“When you eat something, how good should it taste” Mama Celeste

Do you remember that commercial, or, am I giving away my age again?  This question crosses my mind whenever I come across stuff that totally ruins what could be good food.  And there are a few things, currently rather popular, that ruin what could be good food.  Sometimes it’s the ingredients, sometimes it’s just the packaging and sometimes it’s an interesting combination of things, but, made to be microwaved.

When the ingredient list reads like a chemistry experiment it just can’t possibly taste good.  And it’s surprising, to me anyway, some of these things actually sell.  Boxed macaroni and cheese.  Who’s kidding who here?  Have you Never had macaroni and cheese!  I think it’s sad so many children probably don’t even know they are eating a facsimile.  And I wonder how many of them would turn down the “real thing” convinced that it was the imposter.

Anything made with High Fructose Corn Syrup seems just slightly off to me.  Off enough that when I see it listed as an ingredient, I won’t buy it.  Two examples for taste test come to mind.  Pepsi has a throwback version, compare it with their current blend. Make mine throwback.  And graham crackers.  I LOVE graham crackers.  Have to get them at Trader Joe’s or an organic grocery anymore.  I got some at a regular grocery a while back, to use for one of my favorite recipes.  The outcome had me in tears.   I had gotten so accustomed to these cookies being mouthwateringly delicious that I just wasn’t prepared for the bland.  When I next made them with crackers from Trader Joe’s they were everything I expected.

To all the folks out there who insist that artificial sweeteners have no aftertaste, I would like to add two words to your proclamation: to you.  And since I don’t like proselytizing on any subject, I won’t.

When it comes to packaging, might I inform the advertising geniuses and whoever else puts their two cents in to the final development:  if you have to tell me it’s food I automatically assume that it is NOT!  Processed, pastuerized cheese food…….the cellophane tastes better. And when you melt the actual product…eewww!  I should probably thank you for describing your offerings as Fat Free and Sugar Free, it saves me time.  As a matter of fact, could you start labelling that kind of thing in big red letters?  I hate picking that stuff up by mistake.  I try not to hurry through grocery shopping, but, this isn’t a perfect world.  If you would do the same with the Low Fat and whatever other adjectives you like to add, that would be real nice, thanks.  And I might start believing that your product is “Natural” if you stopped putting a freaking chem lab of flavor enhancers, preservatives and God only knows what else in them.  Do it yourself is becoming the order of the day for more and more people.  I’m thinking that’s a good thing, given the choices available.

I tried a breakfast bowl once.  It was made to be microwaved.  I took the stuff out of the bowl and put it into an oven safe container to heat.  Kept an eye on it to be sure it didn’t burn, yet heated all the way through.  Notice, I tried it once.  It was enough to convince me the experiment did not bear repeating.  If you’re wondering why I didn’t just throw it in the microwave, the answer is simple:  I don’t like microwaved anything, at all.  This is not new. From the very first microwaved meal I ever tried  I have been convinced that it is the worst possible way to prepare food.  Bar none!  And it was all about taste, or, lack thereof.

When you eat something, how good should it taste?  Like you’ve died and gone to heaven!  That might be a bit much for every day fare, or, not.  Have you ever noticed feeling full from even a small portion of something really good!?  It’s almost magical how that works.