What a Wednesday!

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This is going to be a hurry up kind of thing cause this has been a full day.  Mostly fun, a decision to mull over keeps it from being an all star Wednesday.

Day started out cool, attitude and weather wise.  Activities pretty much according to schedule.   A ” situation” developed relating to work and that’s what the mulling over is about.   Doing things differently and hoping for different better results.  Don’t mean to be cryptic, hell, maybe I do.  Just not ready to spell things out yet, need to verify the alphabet.  Any way, work done, all was back to smooth again.  Had lunch and called my friend.  We had a tentative plan for today and the gods smiled on us.

I don’t want to go into too much detail now, but,  we finally got some things organized and sorted and succeeded in making three blends each using our stores of essential oils and etc.  Hope I haven’t given it all away, cause I’ve got pictures too!  Did I forget to mention, it’s for tomorrow’s blog!


We had a very pleasant meal together with her husband and all in all, it was a great day!

What a Wednesday!



Where there’s a will there’ a wall to run into!

Here’s the thing; I’ve spent a few hours today downloading and testing and, ok, playing around with video stuff.  The ultimate goal is a video blog.  Seems I can do everything but upload it here, even with the plug in.  It gets to 66% and then stops.  I get a VERY unhelpful error message and no real alternatives to make corrections or adjustments.

The good news is it only took me three tries to post it to Facebook.  It was posted for less than two minutes , mostly just wanted to know I could do it; I can.  Now to work on quality. That should be fun.The difficulty had everything to do with permissions, copyrights, legal stuff. I suspect it’s the same thing here.  We’ll know soon, I’ll keep you posted.

Never mind.  Just found out it’s about upgrading.  Not gonna happen today!  BOO!

Book/Movie Genres I Didn't Expect to Like


As a rule I am not fond of "horror" stories. Seems there's enough horror in real life to suit me just fine. Wouldn't mind if there were a lot less, quite frankly. And yet, give me a Stephen King book and I will read it cover to cover. And enjoy reading it! I can't explain this even to myself. Can't say I've read everything he's published, but I'm sure I have read a majority of his published works and seen a couple of the movies and TV show derived from his works.

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International Travel versus Space Travel

[Howth and Ireland’s Eye. County Dublin, Ireland] (LOC)

I would rather have free international travel for life. As awe inspiring as space travel would be, the commitment needed just isn't there. The first strike against it is the isolation. Of course, if we were talking about something like the Starship Enterprise, I might reconsider. Then again, I might not.

There are too many places on this planet I haven't seen and would like to. Ireland is one of them. I've heard so much about it and would love to experience it first hand. And, since studying Chaucer, the idea of following the path of the Canterbury Tales has intrigued me.

Truth is, I greatly prefer having my feet on the ground. My curiosity about space is amply satisfied with things like World Wide Telescope.

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Having fun on a rainy day

This Friday morning looked pretty gloomy. Heavy clouds from horizon to horizon; the only way to tell time was by looking at the clock. And yet… it felt like an awesome day.

It helps to have plans for days like this, it really does.  Mine was to go to my favorite essential oil store with a friend who shares an interest in essential oils.  It is our favorite store because the owner is very excited about what she is doing.  Her business has grown since we first visited and is about to do so again.  And, I found the cutest little beaker for mixing blends.  Plus we were on a mission to get a starter set (most of one) for someone just getting started, or, just expanding her horizons in the field.  Choosing the best oils to get started with is really very simple, unless you’ve been using oils for awhile and have favorites that aren’t generally suggested to someone new.  Thing is, the more I learn about essential oils, the more excited I get about using them.  So, got a couple of basic oils and one really cool one and a great little bamboo box to store them in.  This would have capped an average day for me; but wait, there’s more!

Our next stop was M.O.M.  Like a kid in a candy store, only better!!!  ALL the stuff I like in one place.  My Organic Market has so many things to choose from, I have to practice restraint when I go in there cause I can’t think of anything for sale in that store to feel guilty about.  Or worried about.  The people who work there are friendly and helpful.  Conversant on the items for sale.  Comfortable.  What I suspect the old mom and pop stores were like before merchandising and business began holding more sway than people.  I feel like a person when I go in there, not a customer.  And I find what I’m looking for, that’s a plus.  But wait, there’s more!

We went to my son and daughter-in-laws to visit.  Before we left, we got to see everybody and the dogs!  It was a lesson to NOT take mood cues from the weather.  One of the little guys was thoroughly enjoying the rain pouring over the downspout, to him it was like a shower head and the water was not too cold.  The impromptu visit was really too cool to put into words.  Or, I just don’t know the words to accurately describe it.  Like a wish, or a dream come true.  What a great Friday! Rain and all.

Things overlooked at speed

Only took me 45 minutes to figure out how to get this photo at the top of the page!  Improvement from not at all yesterday.  Wonder if it will be easier next time???

 I took this photo yesterday as I was on a little hike from here to there.  The purple caught my eye as I approached and I was amazed not to have noticed them before.  The posted speed limit is 45m.p.h. and of course, we all honor the speed limit.  Anyway, there they were in all their purple glory and I had to take the picture.  If for no other reason than to remind myself that a lot of beauty gets missed even when you’re doing the right thing.

An Anonymous Gift

A gift that keeps on giving

horn of plenty cornucopia

I know and am related to several people to whom I would like to send a cornucopia of the best food, anonymously. These people don't believe in wasting resources and would benefit from the things I select. And, since I'm dreaming, I'm going to dream big; a years supply, three meals a day plus treats. For some of the folks I'd probably have to send a cook as well. I know a few who already eat well and this gift would just be a bonus for them. For the others, the reasoning behind the gift is to bring joy to life and good health to get the most from it.

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