Old Friend, New Machine

Back  in the day I had a little Netbook and found Word Press and typed my fingers off almost daily.  Then I did the whole NaNoWriMo thing and got kinda burned out.  Netbook began having problems, the regular laptop just didn’t seem to inspire in the same way and life went on; even without frequent writing.  I did make a couple of attempts that seemed to fizzle immediately.  Who knows what it was all about?  Not me.

A couple of months ago I got this tablet.  It’s handy for messsaging and navigation and who knows what all.  I wanted an external keyboard and it wasn’t available’ anywhere; until a couple of weeks ago.   Since then the little whisper has been growing louder with each passing day: install Word Press!  So, I did.

There is something about miniature machines that fascinate me to distraction.  Looks and acts alot like the big things, but, I can (almost) put it in my pocket.  Heck, it’s even smaller than my all time favorite little Netbook.  Who can ask for anything more?

None of that really explains the compulsion to write.  That seems to defy explanation.  What I know…okay…what I believe is it is time for me to resume a consistent writing routine.  Like a true old friend, my Word Press account was here…not so much waiting or expecting…just definitely here.

I don’t know if Page A Day is still a regular feature here. Whatever…it will be a change from Hay Day at 6:15a.m.  I have two farms and have begun to realize that no matter how much I build them up, decorate whatever they are not much more than interactive cartoons.  Don’t misshear me, farming will continue…just not ALL the time.

My plan is to visit my old friend on my new machine and see what comes about.  This could be interesting.


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